Silent-Aire is a global leader in hyperscale data center technology solutions and have earned the trust of leading data center owners and operators globally since 1994.


Silent-Aire has been on the forefront of the explosive growth of the modern cloud landscape since 2004. Our production and engineering teams have built CRAC, CRAHU, and AHU equipment at large scale for the leading cloud computing platforms, setting the standard for what is now called “Hyperscale” delivery programs. Our commitment to innovation, volume manufacturing, and complex global deployments continues to land new programs and products. ​


Silent-Aire is a world leader in the design, engineering, manufacturing and servicing of Modular Data Centers. ​

The MDC VAULT portfolio includes Micro, Enterprise and Campus solutions to solve the most challenging data center infrastructure challenges anywhere in the world.


Silent-Aire field services teams are factory trained and certified in the deployment, service, maintenance and parts programs of Silent-Aire solutions for the hyperscale data center industry. With regional service centers across North America and Europe, Silent-Aire customers are supported through the lifecycle of their products from commissioning to field servicing. ​
​There are Silent-Aire units that have been in data center facilities for over 15 years and continue to be supported by field services. ​