Modular Data Centers

Lower capital cost, turnkey, rapidly deployable with internal cooling plants and no external field mounted equipment

The future of Modular Data Centers available today


The MDC Vault’s Server Room Module (SRM) are a “drop-in” replacement of traditional brick and mortar server, storage and network rooms. A single SRM or multiple SRMs is a scalable, cost effective solution for providing the cooling, electrical and communication connectivity for I.T. equipment.

The SRM utilizes a robust construction that is sealed and insulated against humidity and temperature fluctuations caused by the outside environment. The inside environment is precisely controlled by a fully self-contained Silent-Aire computer room air conditioning (CRAC) system, utilizing the various cooling options.

The SRM is configured with partial bulkhead partitions to provide cold and hot aisle containment. The supply air, return air, and bulkhead locations promote efficient airflow to the cold aisle and through the server racks. Each SRM is sized, with a minimal footprint and divided into sections to allow for delivery via conventional trucking means. Also, the SRM can be equipped with additional options, such as: uninterrupted power system (UPS), fire detection and suppression systems, and anti-static coatings.

Silent-Aire has deployed SCIF rated Modular Data Centers.

  • Silent-Aire announces the release and immediate availability of their MDC VAULT enabling companies to deploy industry leading sub 1.10 PUE facilities with lower up front capital and operating costs then traditional modular data centers.
  • We have deployed over 60 MW of modular data center worldwide and from these deployments we recognized that there were still opportunities for improvement in the design, engineering, manufacturing and vertical integration of data centers” said Lindsey Leckelt, Co-President at Silent-Aire. “Our experience is that deploying in different geographies and climates requires customization and the MDC VAULT provides that.”
  • The customized MDC VAULT is targeted for cloud providers, co-location facilities, public sector and enterprises that require highly efficient mission critical data centers with faster deployment as compared to traditional data centers.
  • “The explosion of public cloud has resulted in the acceleration of lower cost, higher efficiency, customized modular data center infrastructure. The MDC VAULT is the where IT and data center infrastructure converge” stated VP of Sales Liam Thedford.
  • The base configuration of a MDC VAULT includes Server Room Module (SRM), and optional Power Room Module (PRM)
  • Internal cooling plants with no external field mounted equipment
  • Efficient HVAC system with N+1 or 2N redundancy
  • Precision temperature control with PLC controls system easily communicates with all BMS protocols
  • Direct and indirect evaporative, DX refrigeration, chilled water, heat pipe energy recovery and free air economizer cooling technologies available
  • Superior rack containment up to 52U
  • Uniform design allows for optimizing onsite configuration to best utilize real estate
  • 1 MW and 1.5 MW with 10 KVA rack density offered as standard, custom critical power densities available to suit specific design requirements
  • Vendor agnostic electrical gear integration
  • Fire detection, dry agent suppression, and security system integration
  • Cost advantage vs. brick and mortar with enhanced scalability measures that yield considerable reduction in upfront cost and delivery time
  • Onsite factory start-up and commissioning support
  • ETL / UL listed as a piece of equipment.