About Us

Silent-Aire Limited Partnership is a global HVAC and data center manufacturing company. Our broad portfolio of products includes modular data centers; HVAC for mission critical, industrial, and institutions; and maintenance services.

About Silent-Aire Limited Partnership

Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Silent-Aire employs over 900 people, with manufacturing facilities in Edmonton, Alberta; Gilbert, Arizona; and Dublin, Ireland and sales/service centers in Seattle, Washington and Ashburn, Virginia.

At the heart of our company are our employees that strive to produce the best possible products and services.  Our engineering team of over 40 professionals uses their knowledge of customer requirements, and a unique blend of experience and innovation to develop and produce the world’s best HVAC and mission critical solutions.

The driver that makes us strong, and ensures quality, safety and performance, is our culture of continuous improvement. This culture enforces a shared commitment to consistently look toward the future and to embrace opportunities for growth. It’s a priority for all areas of our company, with every employee engaged in finding new ways to do things better and more efficiently, as we strive to exceed our client’s expectations.

Our Values

Our core values guide our goals and decisions within the company and with our partners.


We keep our worker’s safe and out of harm’s way all the time, everyday.


We are driven and focused on market demand, our success is tied to our client’s success


We are focused on high service and product quality levels that are exemplified through our commitment to advanced manufacturing.


We are a learning organization that listens to our client’s and each other and we communicate openly with integrity.


We strive to work in partnership with our clients while sharing their missions and delivering solid business value


We work collaboratively, intelligently, and with respect for each other.

Our Leadership

Our core values guide our goals and decisions within our company and with our partners.

Dan Leckelt

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Lindsey Leckelt

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Brendan Kenny

Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Suggitt

Chief Financial Officer

Ryan Vetsch

Vice President, Engineering

Mario Scrivano

Vice President, Human Resources

Derek Stone

Vice President, Operations

Neil Merkel

Vice President, Manufacturing

Liam Thedford

Vice President, Sales

Jonathan Hay

Vice President, Mission Critical Services

Brett Manning

Vice President US Operations

Marc Kronewitt

Director Business Development & Continuity

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