Custom Industrial HVAC

At Silent-Aire we believe that every location we provide Industrial HVAC solutions to is unique. As a result, we specialize in providing customized design and engineered solutions to best meet your location and facilities requirements. The manufacturing standards for all of our custom HVAC solutions provide the highest quality without compromise.

The defining characteristics of a custom manufacturer are versatility and quality. At Silent-Aire we have achieved this through t a combination of advanced technology, internationally recognised engineers and designers as well as our team of highly skilled trades. Through these efforts, Silent-Aire has gained a reputation for providing a lower total cost of ownership and superior quality Industrial HVAC solutions.

Anti Corrosion Industrial Units

  • Stainless Claded or Rust resistant base frame coatings
  • Stainless or Rust resistant casing construction and coatings
  • All fan components are Permatector coated
  • Copper Tube and Fin Coils
  • Heresite or Electrofin Coating for coils
  • Stainless Dampers and Louvres
  • Electric Duct Heaters with Incoloy Tubes
  • Various Filter Ratings
  • Custom Condensing Units
  • Teck Cable Fittings
  • Custom Belt Guards
  • NEMA 4X Control and Electrical Cabinets

Classified Areas Units

  • Direct Drive AMCA B Rated Fans
  • EXP Rated Damper Actuators
  • EXP Rated Electric Duct Heaters
  • Hazloc Certification
  • EXP rated wiring for controls and power
  • EXP rated Purge Panels for power and/or controls
  • Bolt up panels for power and/or controls
  • Various Filter ratings
  • EXP rated electrical and control devices