Bulletin: March 31, 2020 6pm MST – Essential Services Edmonton

Attention Silent-Aire Edmonton Team:

Federal, Provincial and Local authorities have taken several actions in the response to COVID-19  including Government of Alberta Health Orders.

Silent-Aire manufactures ESSENTIAL goods within the integrated North American and global supply chains for data center infrastructure, Information Technology including online services, software products for related cloud computing services, and the technical facilities such as data centers thereby defining Silent-Aire as an Essential Service.  The products that Silent-Aire provides to Cloud data centers are necessary for their ability to continue to operate as an essential infrastructure provider, as well cloud data centers enable all the other essential businesses such as hospitals, telecommunications companies, pharmaceutical and healthcare manufacturers, departments and agencies of national and local governments.

Silent-Aire will continue to follow the guidance from authorities and continue to provide Essential products and services.  Please remember to follow social distancing and sanitary practices during this challenging time.